Core Boxes


Core Boxes North manufactures core boxes, core trays, core racks, and related products for mining, mineral exploration, and drilling companies.
Core Boxes North’s high quality products, attractive pricing, on time delivery, and unsurpassed customer service makes Core Boxes North the preferred supplier for a large number of companies.

The Core Boxes North production facility is located in Winnipegosis, Manitoba, Canada.  The head office of Core Boxes North is located in Kipling, SK.  Core Boxes North ships its products from distribution centre located in Winnipegosis, customers throughout the Canadian North and West, as well as to other Canadian locations, the United States, and Greenland.


Core Boxes and Core Trays

Core Boxes North manufactures a wide range of standard core boxes and core trays in both plywood and grooved tray formats. Please see the full list of product specifications.
We also custom-makes non-standard core boxes and core trays. Marker blocks are available as well.  Core Boxes North provides high quality, cost-effective core boxes and trays in a timely manner.

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