Benefits and Advantages

Quality Advantage

Core Boxes North prides itself on manufacturing the most durable wooden core boxes and core trays available.  Core Boxes North uses quality (#2 or better) dimensional lumber and fir plywood for its core boxes and core trays.  To ensure the highest quality, strength, and durability, Core Boxes North uses only screws and ring nails in its plywood core boxes and ring nails in its grooved core boxes.  We do not use any staples in any of our core boxes and core trays.

Cost Advantage

Core Boxes North supplies very cost-effective core boxes and core trays.  Core Boxes North sources its lumber and plywood from a variety of suppliers, continually searching for the best quality materials and the best prices, and passing on these savings to its customers.

Production Capacity

Core Boxes North’s production facility has a weekly output capacity of 800 grooved core trays and 300 plywood core boxes.  The economies of scale of our production facility allow Core Boxes North to pass these savings on to our customers.

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