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Have you considered wood chips/shavings for your gardens and flower beds?

  1. The most common way of using wood chips for gardening is to spread them on the ground as mulch. Mulch is a wondrous substance which can be made from more or less any organic material and provides a multitude of benefits.
  2. Mixing it into the soil as a fertilizer can be beneficial to your flowers and vegetables, however, make sure it is older wood chips/shavings so that it is nearly decomposed to return the Nitrogen to the soil and feeds the plants.
  3. It helps control weeds.
  4. A beneficial factor of having mulch on the top of the soil is the prevention of heating and drying of the black garden soil, and thus the fine hair roots that grow close to the top of the soil are able to absorb both moisture (and the minerals) and are able to take in nitrogen and oxygen etc.

These are just some of the benefits available, and being that we are a saw mill, we have plenty of wood chips/shavings available. Now is the time of year to act on it! Contact us for more details!


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